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house strategy right now? >> well, i think that you are starting to see president obama's strategy trying to get stiffer gun laws enacted unfold part of that tactic includes meeting with those who have a stake in this issue like gabby giffords and mark kelly. of course they have a pact so they are collaborating to get out a message. i also think you're going to see president obama hit the road, get out of d.c., get out of the kwhoois and take his message to the people. of course he's trying to get stiffer gun laws enacted which include reenstating the ban on assault weapons, limiting high-capacity magazines. we saw joe biden in virginia last week doing the same thing. he had a round table discussion about that. but then there's sort of this second track. they will be working in conjunction with the retooled version of the campaign which is organizing for action. they will be trying to mobilize people around this issue at the grassroots levels. the question is how much capital do they want to spend on this. some are going to be tough to get through congress. >> organizing for action
, but that's how it feels, doesn't it, ryan? >> yeah. i mean, they have a lot of issues they need to work out, and they're going to work those out internally over the next two years, and i think obama is right, that until they get to a place where a republican can have a constructive relationship with obama and not pay a political price for it, then no republicans are going to have constructive relationships with them because, you know, politicians are just -- are very self-serving and self-interested folks. that's how they got to where they are, and there has to be somebody who has to break the curse. there has to be a politician, a republican, who steps forward, works with obama on something, maybe it will be guns, maybe it will be immigration, we'll find out who works with him, who infuriates the base, infuriates rush limbaugh and glenn beck if he's still around out there, and survives and actually advances. as soon as that happens, then it shows an alternative path to power for republicans, and that will enable obama to then start having relationships again. >> he is still out there. i he
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)